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That being said, we do have several nice pictures, and like I said before, I am really liking this move by Spoelstra. Wifey of: Erik Spoelstra, Miami Heat Didn't see this coming did ya?The now 24-year-old Miami native shares time between Los Angeles and Miami because she’s a director at the famous Guy Hepner art gallery in West Hollywood, Calif., according to her website. And, as Aaliyah taught us, age ain't nothing but a number.If you are looking for a life lesson amid what is nothing more than an "NBA coach dates hot woman" story, it's that love and victory hang comfortably above American Airlines Arena.But they’ve definitely been together as says they have been dating for more than two years.Plus, we have seen them doing karaoke together as recently as this past March.That's right, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is dating former Miami Heat dancer, Nikki Sapp. Now that that's over, can we get an over-under on how many dancers Spoelstra asked out before her?You thought only James Harden was getting it in, but Erik Spoelstra has some pimp game as well.

Or, it’s also possible that he is just a private person.

In any event, life seems to be going well for Coach Spo at the moment.

The Heat have dominated the NBA with 18 straight victories and his lady friend is quite easy on the eyes.

Erik Spoelstra has a new girlfriend, and Miami Heat fans will be happy to hear that he is sticking with the Heat family even in his personal life.

Spoelstra likes his team so much that he decided to date one of its former dancers, 24-year-old Nikki Sapp.

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