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Have a setup with Hibernate 3 whereby inserting collections through an inverse many-to-one relationship doesn't automatically set the parent's foreign key in the child when merging. Newbie Joined: Fri Jul 21, 2006 am Posts: 10 hi all!

For example, in the Element class ...hi, can anyone enlighten me regarding the mecanism of persistence in EJB 3.0 ? I am using merge to save the data in the database, but I am getting and extra record. I believe that the problem is in the mapping file but I do not know what to do to resolve this problem. Problem Description: im using hibernate together with EMF 2.2.0 and elver.

You can use load() when you are certain that the persistent object exists and when you are not interested into the persistence state of the entity.

You can use the proxy just as reference to create relationships with other entities.

I am trying to update an entity in the database from a web client that calls a method in a stateful session bean. Hibernate version: 3.0.2 Mapping documents: I have the following code that according to hibernate logging sql results in 1. when calling Session.merge with an object already present in the dbtable(meaning: there's another object of the same type and id in the db - but with different details/values) - merge tries to do an insert instead of an ...

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) to save it and continue to use the original object.

The object passed is attached to the persistence context.

That means that after invoking Entity Manager.merge, we have to use the entity reference returned from that method in place of the original object passed in.

Code: Transaction().begin(); Parent DBO parent = new Parent DBO(); ...

The Java Persistence API (JPA) is used for mapping domain object classes to database tables.

From the other side of the translation bridge, when you request that an entity be "saved" in the database, the Entity-Manager creates the Entity object, populates it with relational data, and "returns" the Entity back to the OO world.

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