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I'm building a test environment containing multiple Active Directory domains in the same forest, but I'm having strange issues while trying to add a child domain to the forest root domain.

All servers are Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs running on the Azure cloud platform, connected to the same virtual network; they have statically reserved IP addresses and they can talk to each other without any networking issue.

Text2$), the application will be marked as In Error and processing on the application will not continue. Text1$ encountered an error in the Application Driver, the Application Driver for $Event. Certificate found during a Network Validation Scan of Host: $Event. Value2$, did not match the certificate on record for $Event.

Component$ failed to load the IX509Application Driver Interface (Driver name: $Event.

A0.lab) to use the root DC as its DNS server, and I've started the promotion wizard; I've filled in all the parameters, including the user account of the domain admin for the root domain and the option to create a DNS delegation; all the prerequisite checks are successful.

When I start the actual promotion process, it stalls at the "Replicating the schema directory partition" stage.

In order to share the storage between those two VMs I created a new drive which is Thick-Provision Eager-Zeroed, set the SCSI to physical, and attached it to both VMs - in general, this works fine as it is shown in both systems.

Process ID: 540 Reported error information: Error value: Could not find the domain controller for this domain.ISSUE The EV Provisioning Module may log the following error while command Zap Archive Permissions is being executed in Stage2: _2015-04-09 Z|5592| 13|ERROR| Zap Archive Permissions|Exception while trying to get exchange...ISSUE The Archive Shuttle Shortcut Process Module module may log the following error: 2015-03-27 Z|1524| 12|ERROR| Execute|Error while processing command [Fix Shortcuts] for Container Mapping Id: [X] Redemption. ISSUE: Sometimes it is required to export (or move) items which fail to import.For example if items exceed a predetermined message size limit, they fail to import, but may still be needed in the future.The Archive Shuttle 'Moved Failed Items' function... DETAILS Some error hashes are as follows: ISSUE From time to time the list of Failed Items in a migration can grow quite large.I'm facing the following problem: As the title already says, I want to share a partition between a Windows Server 2012 R2 and an Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS machine.

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