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Chevelle/Sick Puppies - Showbox Sodo - Seattle, WA 6.4.16Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia - Photography Live​Photo album - Full Photo Album SPL Facebook Well if you like your rock hard and full of bottom-end dominating bass lines this was a show for you.

Between Chevelle's Dean Bernardini & Sick Puppies Emma Anzai their bass lines shook the Seattle skyline for hours last night.

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California-based, Austrailian born hard rock outfit Sick Puppies began in 1997, founded by Shimon Moore (vocals/guitar) and Emma Anzai (bass/vocals) in Sydney.

He brings a sense of new life – a breath of fresh air and a shot of adrenaline – and it just gelled very nicely.” A lyric video to their latest single, “Earth To You,” gives listeners a taste of their latest sound, and Scott’s voice effortlessly grabs the listener with its gutsy essence.

In a brand spanking new video released Thursday, May 19, fans can see the band in all their revamped glory, which takes a fluorescent turn in the song "Stick To Your Guns." And sticking to her guns is exactly what Anzai did, which is evident when looking at the band’s evolution.

The leap of faith quickly proved to be beneficial for the group.“We would play for crowds and they were so into it and it was everything to them, and that really solidified us staying here and touring here,” Anzai said.

Emma's playing wild stage presence can match anyone in this rock music industry. Sick Puppies setlist: War/Cancer/Let Me Live/Odd One/Stick To Your Guns/Riptide/All The Same/Black & Blue/Guerilla Radio (RATM Cover)/You're Going Down.

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Shortly after Moore left the group in late 2014, Scott reached out to the Australian-bred group and auditioned for them.“He’s very fitting to us and he’s very much from the same page,” Sick Puppies co-founder and bassist Emma Anzai said.

“You usually don’t find someone like that so quickly, but we did, so we feel very lucky.

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