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His parents divorced when he was three; five years later, his father died and his mother went into the hospital for an extended period.When Murphy was 9 years old, his mother married Vernon Lynch, a foreman at a Breyer's ice cream factory, and the family moved to the primarily African-American suburb of Roosevelt, Long Island.Children are seen as ‘victims’ within families where there is violence (they often are, but not victims of the parent they abuse) and we have difficulty dealing with the idea of someone being both ‘victim’ and ‘victimiser’ Children’s behaviour problems are ‘explained’ by the use of a psuedo-medical label, which obscures who is actually doing what to whom.So a child is seen as having a "conduct disorder" rather than being a parent abuser.We said sure and the source went on to share they were a member of New Birth and choose to stay through the scandal.The source shared their name and shared they were very close to Bishop Long and asked if Obnoxious Media would take it easy on bishop due to his having cancer," Mc Cray reported."After a couple of phone calls and text messages it was confirmed this was a very reliable source.His parents divorced shortly afterward, and his mother soon remarried and opened a group home that provided for several foster children.For many years, Vedder was led to believe that his stepfather was his biological dad.

Of the tens of thousands of articles written on family violence over the past 20 years only a few dozen are on children's violence to parents.

CP EXCLUSIVE: EDDIE LONG RESPONDS TO CP DIRECTLY ABOUT HEALTH CRISIS READ: How Bishop Eddie Long's Church Responds to CP Questions on Grave Illness Report"Bishop Long has been admitted to an Atlanta hospital this week where he has been since Monday and not yet discharged," Mc Cray noted on Friday.

"The Reliable Source went on to say the doctors have give Bishop Long up and (sic) their is nothing they can do, but try to make him comfortable.

Eddie Regan Murphy was born on April 3, 1961, in Brooklyn, New York.

He spent his early years in the projects of Bushwick with his father, Charles Murphy, a New York City police officer and amateur comedian, his mother, Lillian Murphy, a telephone operator, and his brother Charles.

A message left for the minister on call for urgent matters was not returned.

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