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They can't find even the remotest interest in exploring it because of the way it has been portrayed in the movies, media or in our own imaginations!

Well, I am here to tell you – BDSM does NOT have to be anything like what you have imagined!

Playful bondage – the kind that will be discussed here – can and IS an EXTREMELY pleasurable experience for both partners – and can heighten the arousal to levels not previously attained – and all without pain!

Since I do pride myself on first and foremost educating people on the facts, let me begin with some definitions – so that we may all begin on the same metaphoric page. B – stands for Bondage D – stands for Discipline *or* Dominance S – stands for Submission *or* Sadism M – stands for Masochism Now, let us say it all together: Bondage, Discipline, Submission and Masochism.

"I look out the window of my home and they're lit at night and I thought, I've got to combat this some way." Guell hasn't been in either store, but said he had "had a problem" with pornography as a younger man, "so I know what kind of damage can be done and how much of an addiction it can turn out to be." He contacted the Knights of Columbus and Morality in Media, a national anti-pornography group.

With new advertising opportunities opening, Xcite, which by then had opened at the Spice location and was competing with Lion's Den, wanted in, Boda said. "I got tired of seeing those advertisements, those boards, every time I came home," Guell said. "He gave me permission to use his graphics and they sent me a copy of it, so I had a sign made and put it up there," Boda said. "It's been a conflicting issue for me this whole time, but what do you do? " So the string of billboards, each a little more than 500 feet from the next one, runs like this: Horicon Bank...

The elements when put all together basically mean: being restrained, dominated and made to submit to your partner’s demands (and being disciplined when you don't) and deriving sexual pleasure from the infliction of differing levels of pain. You may still like the bondage and the submission – just take out the spanking.

I know – still not feeling any better about this article, right? The most important thing to remember in this whole equation is this: THE LEVEL OF INTENSITY OF ALL OF THESE ELEMENTS IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY UP TO YOU AND YOUR PARTNER! Perhaps you like a little nipple tugging but don't want to be tied down – TAKE IT OUT!

Leather, whips, chains, high-heeled boots, gags, heavy restraints and probably PAIN, right?

For most people, the image of Bondage, or BDSM, connotes all of these things and probably much worse.

She loves the thrill of the chase and rushes into each new relationship.

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