Early months of dating


You are starting to really like each other and you want to build on that progress.

Though it’s a time for getting to know each other and being happy, that first month of dating also comes with some things that you must pay careful attention to.

Here are the 9 most common things to avoid when dating someone new… Keeping someone waiting is not only bad manners but is also disrespectful.

If you are someone who leaves things to the last minute, give yourself extra time to rendezvous with your date or even plan to get there earlier.

If you’re late, always ring ahead to confirm you’re on your way and apologise sincerely when you do arrive. Getting too drunk Dutch courage can help relax first date nerves but remember that being a messy drunk is never a good look.

The inability to drink responsibly suggests that you are also irresponsible in other areas of your life.

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You’ve made it past the first couple of dates and the anxiety isn’t there anymore.

) My girlfriend and I have been together for 6 months.

We have spent every day together since the third week of dating (except when I travel for work) and love being around each other constantly.

A good date will prefer you sober and slightly shy than drunk and disorderly. Stalking It’s always intriguing when you first meet someone you like to learn more about them but sometimes that inquisitive mind can turn you into a warped version of Sherlock Holmes, up at 3am stalking Facebook and Googling everything you can about your date. Talking about your ex This is a definite no-no at both ends of the spectrum.

Step away from the computer and enjoy the uncertainty of getting to know him bit by bit through regular communication. Whether you get on really well with your ex or you still stick pins in a voodoo doll, talking about your ex when you’re dating someone new does you no favours.

Its affect on the brain has been compared to the stimulant cocaine!

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