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Or how entranced he was when he joined her onstage during her recent gig in Manchester?

reported Saturday that the pair left a London nightclub at the same time together last night, and spent the night in one another's company for the fourth time in a row.

All of a sudden you have this number-one song and you’re at some birthday party and there she is.

And you’re just some naive kid from Toronto staying in some sh-tty-ass hotel who got invited to this party on a whim.

“Rihanna and Drake are seeing other people at the moment,” an insider told E! As far as competing schedules go, Drake has been in recovery mode recently after an ankle injury and postponed tour dates.

Ri Ri, on the other hand, has been spending time with family in Barbados.

Or the way that Drake autographed Rihanna on the cover of a magazine with a heart?

Newssaid that she and Drizzy have been together for a few weeks.

They were most recently spotted watching the Toronto Blue Jays and looking “very coupley.” Fans who’ve closely watched Ri Ri’s social-media feed this weekend perhaps already had an inkling that things were amiss.

It looks like Drake and Rihanna have changed their figurative Face Book relationship statuses from “It’s Complicated” to “In a Relationship,” as it is being reported that the two music mega stars are an item once again.

Aubrey and Ri Ri’s chemistry has been getting noticeably stronger as the rapper has made several appearances on the singer’s ANTI Tour.

Their music together got them close again."This is certainly a welcome bit of news for the mass of fans who have been shipping Drizzy and Riri for years.

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