Drake and deelishis dating christian dating nigerians


She later deleted the post, but other recent shots of the two have been pointed to as evidence that they might be more than friends.SEE ALSO: A Tale Of Two Timelines: How Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Are Tweeting Their Way Through Divorce Wiz also posted a video of Deelishis backing it up to his track “Ass Drop” (a song Amber Rose also twerked to for him): In a recent interview, however, Deelishis remarked that she and Wiz are just friends, for now. Speculation that the two are dating arose when the reality star turned radio host posted the above photo of her and the rapper on Thanksgiving.Tweeting “It’s a Happy Holiday,” Deelishis and Wiz looked quite cozy.Deelishis hinted that “a certain rapper from Toronto has the best she ever had,” according to Hot 97. Ladies, you have every right to be elated about this glorious news, and if you’re like me, you probably have some questions about it. Spies tell us that Dee was TRYING HARD to get to Drake – who was busy with some OTHER ROUPIES. So, tells a snitch, Dee spent the night CHOPPIN IT UP .

With Drake and Rihanna dominating headlines we couldn’t help but wonder how Serena feels about the Aub Rih relationship — after all, he does rap about Williams on his latest album “She doesn’t care,” an inside source says of Serena’s attitude toward the pairing.

The album, which is more than an hour long is released under the label Cash Money Records, Universal Motown Records, and Young Money Entertainment.

The album received positive response from the critics. Drake played the role as A/V Jones in 2007 (released in 2007 only in USA and Canada) American comedy-drama film Charlie Bartlett. Drake guest appeared in a Canadian crime drama television series titled Blue Murder for his role as Joey Tamarin in an episode in 2001. Drake had been working on his body lately to make it more ripped.

“I just want to confirm that he & I are friends, and that he is DIVORCED full and complete.

And I would’ve never taken an interest with a married man,” she said.

October 23, 2012: Drake and his dad celebrated his 26 birthday in Atlanta over the weekend.

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