Dns updating slow


Although we ensure 1 hour for A/AAAA/MX/TXT/CNAME-records and 48 hours for NS-records, it might take up to 72 hours until the settings are visible.If you change your domain name's nameservers, we submit your change request to the registry within minutes, and they publish your authoritative NS (nameserver) records within their root zone. For example, Veri Sign refreshes zones for domain names every three minutes.

The word "propagation" implies that DNS changes spread from DNS server to DNS server, and that you have no control over how quickly it happens.Because of the large volume of requests generated by a system like DNS, the designers wished to provide a mechanism to reduce the load on individual DNS servers.To this end, the DNS resolution process allows for (i.e., the local recording and subsequent consultation of the results of a DNS query) for a given period of time after a successful answer.If you recently changed the DNS servers for your domain (changing registrars or DNS hosting in the last few days) flushing does not prevent stale answers if old servers are still sending them.This only flushes answers, not the delegations saying which DNS servers to use.When a site is set up, as the hosting provider we create a Master DNS record on our DNS servers, which updates any changes made to your DNS records on the server every 15 minutes.

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