Divorce rates due to online dating

We want to give the couples we match a strong foundation that can help them stay together happily over the long haul.Ultimately, our customers won’t benefit if they’re in a mediocre or bad relationship.

The study was funded by online-dating site e but was overseen by independent statisticians, Cacioppo says.

Most of us know long-lasting couples that first connected on the Internet, but researchers from Michigan State University and Stanford found that both divorce and separation rates of people who meet online are higher than those who are first introduced in traditional settings.

The study found that relationships that start online are 28 percent more likely to end within a year.

As relationships started in school, work or university are rapidly declining - 18 per cent to 12 per cent since 2007, the research also reveals more and more Brits are using online dating to find their partners.

Romain Bertrand, marketing director of e Harmony, said: 'In the decades to come, online dating will not only be an efficient way to meet a partner, but will be by far and away the most common way that couples meet and initially communicate.

Married couples that were introduced online are three times more likely to divorce that those who initially met in-person.

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