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Although some secular dating sites have the option to "click" a button if you are a Christian or not, online dating services that target Christians tend to dig a little deeper into the individual's background by asking religious questions, and offering faith surveys and moral choices.

Moreover, online dating Christians prefer not to include sex as a casual topic with their dates, which is a topic found on many secular dating sites."Christians give a tremendous amount of respect and importance to the act of sex.

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For them, it is a sacred act that should only be discussed and done within the walls of marriage," according to the Online Dating website.

Relationship experts say Christians are more particular online when it comes to discussions about faith, morals and religious behavior.“Christian singles in America today are light-years away from the cloak-and-dagger days of newspaper personals and boring socials,” Jay Simmons, site director for a local Christian marriage camp in Alabama, told The Christian Post.“Online dating is now very much mainstream.

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