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Currently, she is working as the associate director of Dallas’ Goss-Michael Foundation Art Gallery.

Jessica Olsson was born in Kenya to a Kenyan mother and a Swedish father.

Her name, the one she gave Nowitzki at least, was Christian Trevino.

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Both of them are soccer players, Marcus plays for Blackburn Rovers and Martin plays for Norwich City and also belongs to the Sweden national team.

He envelopes her with his long arms and pulls her gently to his body. He seems a little shy, as if sensed that someone were watching.

Half a year later, Dirk Nowitzki is sitting in his father's office in Würzburg.

He gets some cheese and cold cuts from the enormous refrigerator to make sandwiches.

They are intimate and affectionate with each other, and she rubs her head against his stomach.

Cristal Taylor was first tested -- by jail officials -- when booked in Dallas on May 6th.

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