Diana vickers and eoghan dating


Diana Vickers's relationship with student boyfriend Chris Jones is in crisis after he was witness to the embarrassing sobbing scenes on Saturday's show which saw the 17-year-old voted off.

Diana and Eoghan Quigg looked more like star-crossed lovers at the weekend after being told that their time together on The X Factor was over.

"She said of the young singer: ""He's sensitive and very caring and considerate.

He can be very silly too, though."I can't wait to see him more ...

A source told The Mirror: 'At first Chris managed to ignore all the reports that Diana and Eoghan were together.'But now he has seen their relationship with his own eyes... She wore a T-shirt that read ' Eoghan's got the X Factor'.

Diana, 17, had been the favourite to win the ITV series but was sent home after losing the public vote.

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X Factor contestants Diana Vickers and Eoghan Quigg are said to be having a secret fling, according to insiders at the ITV show'They’ve got a really sweet relationship — but we did have to avert our eyes.'The news will come as a blow to Vickers' boyfriend - 18-year-old Manchester University student Chris Jones who admitted he feared the show could wreck their relationship.She started crying when the result was announced, prompting her close friend Eoghan, 16, to burst into tears too - despite the fact he had been competing with her for a place in the show's final.Diana told the programme's host Dermot O'Leary: 'I've absolutely loved it, I've had the time of my life. I just can't believe it's happened.'Cheryl Cole, one of the show's four judges, welled up as Diana performed her farewell song - Dido's White Flag.X Factor's Diana Vickers is having a secret fling with Eoghan Quigg - despite having a boyfriend.Vickers, 17, who is the bookies' favourite to reach the finals of the ITV talent show, was seen canoodling with 16-year-old Quigg by researchers in the house the finalists share in West Hampsted, north London.A source told The Sun: 'Eoghan can go on about Diana as much as he likes - it doesn't mean it's going to happen'.

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