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Pray Together on a Regular Basis – The key word in this statement is “regular.” I’ve found that if you find a time where the two of you can meet, you need to designate that time “prayer time.” Is it easy to find time when the two of you are free during that point everytime you meet?Definitely not – but if there is a conflict, try your best to prayer either later that day – don’t just skip it!True Perfect Love does not act out of fear, or worry about being punished for disobeying, but true perfect love acts to serve others, to avoid causing pain and suffering. As we get closer to Valentine's day, there is a lot of talk about what love is, and how to show it.We talk about buying candy and flowers for our sweethearts, or a nice romantic dinner...At first, praying with your boyfriend/girlfriend may seem a little awkward. I remember when my fiance and I started praying together we both were surprised at the different styles in which we talked to God.I’ll say this now so you don’t get discouraged – THAT’S OK! I am a freshman in college, and he's a senior in high school. I am a freshman in college, and he's a senior in high school.On December 1 we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We try to read the Bible and pray together every night before bed, but the Bible part doesn't always work out. On December 1 we will celebrate our 2 year anniversary.

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but real love is so much more, and so much harder...As you read through the devotions each day, you will: Samuel Adams, Psy. He earned his master's from Western Seminary and a doctorate from George Fox University.He maintains a full time counseling practice in Austin, Texas.The essence of a true soul mate relationship is that of deep spiritual connection.This dynamic book, Devotions for Dating Couples, offers guidance for deepening your commitment to God as individuals and as a couple.Just because they don’t pray like you do, it doesn’t mean that their praying style is “wrong” or “God isn’t listening” (the second one is just plain crazy).

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