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Having a firm foundation for the relationship is key, which Cam attributes to being friends for a few years before getting married.

"He is my best pal," she told us, adding, "I think it takes a really self-assured man nowadays to be with a woman that is working really hard, traveling a lot, and very driven.

Sundance TV’s “Deutschland 83” is hyped as the first German-language series to be picked up by an American network. And it’s also selling the show short, because “Deutschland 83” is not just subtitled — it’s a promising spy show.

If the European origin adds anything, it’s a you-are-there edge over, say, “The Americans” on FX.

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The switcheroo is seamless: Moritz never makes it to his new post — a girl and a gun make sure of that — and Martin takes on his identity.

Manchmal kann solch eine Verabredung schon nach einem Drink enden, aber in den meisten Fällen lassen sich die Girls doch gerne durch ficken.

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The foreign arm of the infamous Stasi (the secret police) jumps on a rare opportunity to place a mole at a key post in West Germany.

They pick Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay), a young border guard, to take the place of one Moritz Stamm, the aide to a high-level West German general involved in NATO negotiations.

Depending on how the season goes, and what else is on my plate later in the summer, maybe I can revisit.

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