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My mother collects antiques, or at least she likes them enough to keep an eye out for them when she pursues one of her true passions in life, interior decorating.

By design, most school desks encourage students to sit still.

I’ve recently read Shock Troops by Tim Cook (I’ll do a book review soon), and he made several mentions of the British tradition of issuing rum and cigarettes to infantry.

When those soldiers returned to civilian life, Canada was in the grips of Prohibition, and they flexed a lot of voting power to get those laws repealed, much to the consternation of the Temperance Movement.

Her husband Qiang is suspected of locking her there as a way of forcing her to scam men online, using platforms such as We Chat.

Qiang apparently installed a video camera near the desk, enabling him to monitor Xing when he went out – he is said to have gone to see other women on a number of occasions.

I would hazard a guess that I know which way the author of these documents voted on that matter.

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