Deployment package sccm updating distribution point dating in vancouver bc


If a Distribution Point in System Center Configuration Manager has failed packages it probably has a cause and resending the packages might not be the right solution to the problem.But I had the need to resend all failed packages on a distribution point and I was in no mood to click around in the GUI so I investigated the WMI classes listed on MSDN: of all, what I am looking for is packages on a certain distribution point.

If any of these factors are out, or the remote machine is turned off when SCCM tries to install, you can end up getting heap of error messages in your SCCM logs that will ultimately show your hierarchy as being unhealthy.I found that when the environment was configured for HTTPS only a client install triggered from WSUS would not try and use it’s client certificate to talk back to the management point and so could not complete it’s installation.I raised this with MS support who confirmed that this is an issue and that there are a few workarounds you can use while they are (hopefully) developing a fix for this issue…First I tried something like this: $Query = "Select Package ID From SMS_Package Status Dist Points Summarizer Where Server NALPath Like '$Server NALPath' AND (State = 2 OR state = 3)" $Failed Packages = Get-Wmi Object -Namespace "root SMSSite_$Site Code" -Query $Query Get-Wmi Object : Invalid query “Select Package ID From SMS_Package Status Dist Points Summarizer Where Server NALPath Like ‘[“Display=\SERVER01.lab.lcl”]MSWNET:[“SMS_SITE=S01″]\SERVER01lcl’ AND (State = 2 OR state = 3)” At line:1 char:23 $Failed Packages = Get-Wmi Object -Namespace “root SMSSite_$Site Code” -Query … Get Wmi Object Command Problem is that the Server NALPath Contains brackets “[]” which tells WQL to look for one of the chars between the brackets and that won’t find what I want.Distribution Points are an important part in the infrastructure of SCCM especially if you rely on an inefficient network.

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