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Theresa May has launched a scathing attack on Jeremy Corbyn after a car crash radio interview in which he failed repeatedly to answer how much his flagship childcare pledge would cost.

The Prime Minister questioned the Labour leader’s credibility on Tuesday, claiming Mr Corbyn was "simply not ready to govern and not prepared to lead".

And it appears her daughter Lourdes Leon may have picked up some of her ways.

Nick Ferrari: And this will be funded by the reversing in some instances I think the cuts to Capital Gains Tax, but I'm right in saying that since Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of the party, that money has also been promised to reverse spending cuts in education, spending cuts in arts, spending cuts in sports. And that can be amply covered by reversing the cuts to Capital Gains Tax.

Diane Abbott: We get to that figure because we anticipate recruiting 25,000 extra police officers a year at least, over a period of four years and we're looking at both what average police wages are generally, but also specifically police wages in London. Diane Abbott: No, we are recruiting 2,000 and perhaps 250. Diane Abbott: What I'm saying about the costs is in year one, obviously, we're getting ready to recruit. In year three, the cost will be a £139.1m, year four, the cost will be £217m and year five, the cost will be £298m.

Diane Abbott stumbled through an explanation of her party's plan for an additional 10,000 police officers. Nick Ferrari: I don't understand, what is he or she getting?

During an interview with LBC, the Shadow Home Secretary gave several estimates for how much the new officers would cost, ranging from £300,000 to £80m.

She said Mr Corbyn was not prepared for the crunch Brexit talks with Brussels that will start within days of the General Election and would find himself "alone and naked" in the negotiations.

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