David tennant dating georgia moffett


He has been in six celebrity relationships averaging approximately 3.0 years each. “David and Georgia met filming Doctor Who, but they didn’t start dating till months later. In May 2008, Moffett starred in the BBC series Doctor Who as the Tenth Doctor's artificially-created daughter, Jenny, in the episode "The Doctor's Daughter", with her future husband David Tennant playing the Doctor She joined the cast of BBC medical drama Casualty as junior doctor Heather Whitefield, but her character was killed off at the start of her second episode.In June 2010, she performed in the short play Hens, which ran for four performances at the Riverside Studios and was later broadcast on Sky Arts 2, and played a cameo role in the television drama Thorne: Sleepyhead as the wife of one of the junior detectives (appearing in one scene in episode two, and one non-speaking scene in episode three).In March 2011, she landed the role of Emma in the BBC Three sitcom White Van Man, The play received poor reviews and ticket sales, and on 13 July the production announced via their official website that the play had been cancelled and would be ending the following week, a month earlier than scheduled.In November 2013, she appeared in and produced the Doctor Who homage anniversary webcast The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot; as producer she was credited under her married name of Georgia Tennant (though her acting appearance is credited under Georgia Moffett). Normally such gossipy kiss 'n' time travel news is better left to check-out line tabloids or Larry King, but there's such a bizarre pseudo-incestual, mobius strip of intertwining coincidences here that they almost create a sci-fi story on their own.

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So, Tennant is the first Doctor to date the daughter of another Doctor – having just appeared in a story with that paternal Doctor. Strangely enough, Alice Troughton directed "The Doctor's Daughter" with Tennant and Moffett, but she bares no relation to Patrick – so she's not a Doctor's daughter.Along with companion Donna Noble, played by comedian and actress Catherine Tate, 47, Scottish-born David, 44, who played the role on the BBC to great acclaim for five years from 2005 to 2010, will portray the Timelord for three episodes in a new audio drama from (audio company) Big Finish. David last appeared in Doctor Who as a guest star in the 50th anniversary episode, The Day of the Doctor in 2013 but has not appeared in a full series since January 2010.Catherine, who first appeared in 2006, departed in July 2008, but had a cameo in his final final episode He was preceded in the role by Christopher Eccleston, 51, and succeeded by Matt Smith, 32.Olive made her screen debut at two, playing John Barrowman's daughter in The Five-ish Doctors.On 5 January 2013, Jonathan Ross announced, during a television interview with Tennant, that Moffett was pregnant for the third time.It was written and directed by her father, and featured cameo appearances by her husband and her two older children (she was at the time of filming heavily pregnant with her third, and the webcast features a scripted scene of her going into labour).

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