Davey havok afi dating


Additionally, DREAMCAR, the super group of the No Doubt band with Davy Havok on vocals are set to release their debut album this year.There’s no indication of what their collaboration will sound like, but I know enough about Davy Havok to know he wouldn’t be a part of a project he didn’t believe he could make magic happen with.

Initial reports announced Canadian producer David Bottrill, responsible for capturing hugely intricate sonic soundscapes for the likes of Tool, Muse, Coheed and Cambria, King Crimson and Silverchair, would be recording with the band.his career with AFI took off and so Havok did not return to the university.Davey Havok and his friends, Mark Stopholese and Vic Chalker, decided to start a band in high school, even though they did not own or play any instruments.“We typically spend a lot of time working on the songs so we're totally happy with them when we enter the studio. We spent about a year and a half, writing for months.It just takes that long for us to get together a group of songs that we're happy with.If that weren’t enough, there are at least two side projects on the way: Blaqk Audio have recently announced that there are over 40 songs demoed for their fourth album.

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