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Good turnout, good music, amazing space, free light-colored drinks (’cause red drinks would stain the bazillion dollar furniture they sell there) and all and all it was just really fun. Then my friend shows up and he says, “Go talk with your friend. Agent stats can further motivate your progress with our unofficial medals, groups, leaderboards, global stats and much more.agent stats got apps for both i OS and Android to help you upload your profile with ease!

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So Sam's college experience is less than normal, being followed by a very visible team of Secret Service agents, who are trained to notice the smallest things that may be ...I don’t want to make it a habit to gush about how great things are. Sure, I’ll curate my blog and my facebook page and my instagram feed with pictures and stories that show things in a more positive light. I’m sitting here thinking about this party I went to last night for my friend Deb’s new business venture. I think that’s a better approach to life in general than whining on for days about how shitty things might be. Mary Fiore is San Francisco's most successful supplier of romance and glamor. Samantha Mackenzie loves and supports her parents, US President John Mackenzie and First Lady Melanie Mackenzie, and enjoys the privileges that she has received being the only daughter of the President, but sometimes she wants to be what she considers "normal" which means not having her life scrutinized by the world 24/7.She made the decision to go away to college in California at Redmond University in large part to get away from life at the White House and hopefully assert some independence, this first stint at college coinciding with President Mackenzie's reelection bid for a second term in the White House.Painting helped, but the furniture, the feel of the room, it never changed.

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