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Surfaces surrounded by walls can only be adjusted by moving the walls.

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The floor should adapt automatically with the walls. Currently I recommend to try to move some of the wallcorners back and forth until the floor updates itself to the walls. We have this bug on our list and hope to solve it soon. Only once since I migrated have I had a chance to do any floor textures at all. It’s very disappointing because I’m having so much fun using your program that I’m considering upgrading.

with a rightclick you can choose to duplicate; mirror, or arrange the surface.

The texture can’t be scaled yet; this is something we are considering to add. Next question on the same topic – if the layout/design of the room changes, the flooring doesn’t.

After the rebranding, the old site works “like a partner” of Wamba system.

The site was established in 2002, originally available only in Russia.

If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be merged, redirected, or deleted.

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