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A blogger who has had terrible luck on Valentine's days meets a handsome veterinarian.This book is empowering for shorter guys, and includes a great appendix with funny and confident “come backs” for when women (and men) use short stature as a put-down.Dating Handbook is a resource of dozens of free articles that all have one purpose in common - to help you succeed at dating and relationships.ER: And one of the things is `Owns a Reptile.' I mean, that's just funny.It's all done with a wink, but a lot of it is true as well. Or someone who's had a serious eyelift or like, a facelift. If my husband were losing his hair, I would say to him, "Look at Ed Harris or Michael Jordan. Okay, I think I would have a nervous breakdown if someone took me to a Medieval Times festival. Windbreakers, sweatshirts, golf shirts, and gym bags emblazoned with the company logo scream "free clothes." Don't look to your employers to dress you.Yet, we all know shorter guys that get all kinds of female attention (Cruise included).

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