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Izzy who is a dairy farmer’s daughter and has dated a couple of farmers said: “There's no right time to date a dairy farmer as it's nearly always milking time!

I guess summer is the best time as cows will be out, so there’s less routine work to do.

It would be nice to date a farmer as he would have the same interests as me, as it’s great to be outside and working with cows. ” Asked what her top tips were for dating a farmer, Izzy said: “Don't learn how to milk a cow, because you'll be in the parlour pit for evermore!

Be a good cook - most farmers have great mothers who can seriously cook!

The best thing about dating a farmer is that it’s easy to make conversation on a first date: just talk about the weather, farmers love talking about the weather!With tons of products from dozens of leading brands, We're sure to have exactly what you want.Why pay regular prices when you can buy discount items online from Mobiles & Handy, Fashion & Accesoires, Drogerie & Apotheke, Blumen & Geschenke und Mehr?Inspired by The New Farmer’s Blog post entitled ‘A few thoughts on dating a farmer’ we launched our Farmer Dating Competition, and asked our readers to tell us about their own experiences of farmer dating.Find out what the respondents said about dating farmers and what farmers said about dating non-farmers by reading on…” Steph who has dated a dairy farmer says that there a number of good things about dating a dairy farmer, including the fact that “they are muddy, so you can be too”.

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