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For both situations he said simply that it was and apparently still as “an interesting time” for him.Also read: Music Mashup Battle: Sting, Steven Tyler and Britney Spears Among Artists Fighting Copyright Law .” Poor Fallon couldn’t catch a break. The “Pro” was that Spears had already been hit on by 10 people since arriving at the studio.Till date, there are only reports of their togetherness and they show so sign of break up.Let’s find out more: Spears and Asghari haven’t confirmed their relationship by themselves, but their series of the Instagram post makes us pretty sure that they are dating. They attended the Clive Davis’ annual Pre-Grammy Party together on 12th February 2017.The Mississippi-born blonde also met her second ex-husband Kevin Federline on the job and they amicably co-parent their two sons - Sean, 11; and Jayden, 10.

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One of the pros was that “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman” is a great song, but the con was that it was also Fallon’s yearbook quote — zing!

But as soon as there were cameras, they would separate so as not to be seen together."A rep for Lindsey tried to shoot down the rumors by saying, "I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that they are just friends."Charlie and Britney ended their relationship in June.

Britney Spears' budding relationship with Iranian fitness model Sam Asghari is being threatened by a woman claiming to be his current girlfriend.

hitmaker posted a shirtless snap of the Royal Personal Training staffer captioned: 'Mad love for this one!

'Britney first met Sam on the set of her Colin Tilley-directed music video for Slumber Party, which was shot on October 25.

Spears also took to Instagram to post the amazing picture of the pair.

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