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It is of the utmost importance that you realize what might be important to you, may seem insignificant to another.Dating without drama can only be achieved by an early understanding and by willingness to compromise and to make an effort.As the creator of "Dating Without Drama," she aims to help women improve their own self-esteem and better understand men so they can find – and keep – a healthy, loving relationship.Paige is happily married and lives with her husband and two sons in Los Angeles.

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Join Dating without drama may seem like an unattainable goal for most people as we are constantly informed that the divorce rate is over 60% and climbing.

Many of us have wasted years in relationships whose hallmarks were conflict and drama.

In our early years, when youthful ignorance and emotional baggage are still with us, we often feed off the excitement of drama and, not knowing any better, allow it to take the place of authentic connection.

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As a therapist who has worked with couples for more than three decades, I have learned a lot about finding this state and achieving that balance.

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