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Are very difficult, as far as I know production records are only available for the Lancashire Watch Company and those that are not accessible. ) are difficult as several companies appear to have multiple number sequences, indeed occasionally an Errington will turn up with two serial numbers one from each major sequence.

The Waltham Watch Company, also known as the American Waltham Watch Co.

This serial number will tell a little about the watch and is useful information to know when looking to find out the value of a Waltham watch.

It is important to look at the serial number of the watch movement and not any number on the case.

There are many individuals and companies that specialize in vintage and antique watches.

In order to find out Waltham watches values, a valuer will consider the following: Each Waltham watch was given a serial number.

The best way to find the value of a Waltham watch is to take the watch to a professional and qualified watch dealer and valuer.

The Waltham Watch Company, also known as the American Watch Company, made over 40 million watches, clocks and other precision implements between the years of 18.

The watches are highly collectible and people often want to know Waltham watches values.

This serial number can be used to find out the date the watch was made and any other information that may have been taken from the ledgers of the Waltham Watch Company.

A useful source of information is the NAWCC website which has a searchable database.

In 1850, at Roxbury, Massachusetts, David Davis, Edward Howard, and Aaron Lufkin Dennison formed the company that would later become the Waltham Watch Company.

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