Dating voicemail message

SMS messages only work in the US at the moment I believe.

Choose one of the following options: Note: If you have forgotten your password, please contact Telephone Services at x6500 to reset it to the default. To enable a call handling mode: Login to voice mail. Existing AT&T Voice Mail Service customers living in areas where stutter tone is available will need to contact an AT&T Local Service Representative to request stutter tone on their line.* Not available in all areas of the LATA.Unheard or skipped messages will be kept 20 days for AT&T Voice Mail Service and 30 days for AT&T Voice Mail Plus Service.Note: There will not be a notice of deletion warning for unheard or skipped messages.Saved voicemail messages will be kept 30 days for AT&T Voice Mail Service and 40 days for AT&T Voice Mail Plus Service.To enroll in this option, you must set this up via the https://com website.

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