Dating vintage barbie dolls


By strict classic definition, a doll must be at least one hundred years old to earn the honor of being an antique.However, most doll collectors, doll dealers and doll specialists consider any doll made before 1930 an antique.Doesn't look as though she was ever displayed, like new condition, just light wear to box. Displayed only for a short time so her condition is excellent, no dirt, fading or odours. Apart from this her complexion looks to be fabulous with gorgeous colour. Vintage Mattel Dramatic New Living Skipper Doll - 1969/70 - £50.00 Vintage 1969/70 Dramatic New Living Skipper doll, very nicely dressed in 1950s/60s Vogue tagged coat and more modern blue sparkly dress. Vintage 1970s Palitoy Pippa JASMINE in Original Box!Antique Vintage Finds Vintage Kitchenwares - Gadgets Vintage Recipe Advertising Booklets Vintage Paper Ephemera Antique - Classic Books Vintage Children's Books - Records - Page 1 Vintage Children's Books - Records - Page 2 Vintage Children's Books - Records - Page 3 Vintage Children's Books - Records - Page 4 Vintage Cook Books Vintage Book Plates/Prints Vintage Photos - Postcards Vintage Music - Records - Sheet Music Antique Tools - Hardware Great websites for help with identifying marks and signatures; and valuing your antique, mid-century and vintage collectibles.

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The child was imagining her paper dolls in the role of grown-ups. Handler designed Barbie in the style of a German fashion doll, manufactured from 1952 to 1964, named Bild Lilli. The first Barbie, known as Ponytail Barbie, wore a black and white striped one-piece strapless bathing suit complete with accessories that included: Barbie's hair was either blonde or brunette styled in a fashionable below the shoulder ponytail with curled ends and curly bangs.

Seldom found IDEAL Shirley Temple vintage vinyl doll with the rarer flirty/sleep eyes (flirty action is manual). Vintage MIB Pedigree "Funtime" Sindy Doll in Polka Blouse/Jeans - £45.00 Dating to the mid 1980s, this all original mint in box Pedigree Sindy Funtime doll has never been played with or displayed. 1980s Pedigree Vintage Sindy "Silver Skater" Doll in Original Box - £45.00 Dating to the mid 1980s, this all original mint in box Pedigree Sindy Silver Skater doll has never been played with or displayed, she even still has the cello around her head! She comes in her original immaculate box and outfit. - Rarely found 1970s vintage Palitoy Pippa JASMINE doll complete with her original box.

19 inches in height, she dates to 1950s/1960s, an absolute beauty with open mouth, teeth, tongue, all her lashes and lovely rooted curls. She comes in her original box, outfit and shoes (all excellent). Jasmine is gorgeous with fabulous face paint and glossy black hair (minor frizz and couple of plugs have thinning but none missing or trims).

Here you can learn how to identify your 1960s, 1970's and 1980's Sindy Dolls, repair your Sindy Doll, reroot your Sindy Dolls hair, learn all about your Sindy Dolls History, read stories and poems written about Sindy and view lovely images of my Sindy Doll collection.

The idea of introducing a teenage fashion doll along thee lines of the successful Barbie doll was first conceived by the British company Pedigree Soft Toys Ltd.

I can't find any chews or vinyl damage, just faint "close up" speckles to centre of forehead (minor) and "bruise" to top of right leg. 1960s Vintage Palitoy Tressy Sister "Toots" Doll (Blonde) - Hard to find 1960s Palitoy Tressy Sister "Toots" vintage teenage fashion doll complete with original Toots "Kitchen Cutie" dress, knickers and sweet little Poodle on lead! 9.5 inches in height, Toots has side glancing blue eyes, full head of blonde hair (a few plugs to lower row unpierced from factory). No chews or split knees, strong sitting click and excellent pose to limbs. Kimono has light playwear and no belt, one shoe has a split.

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