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You need to help Patric find 2 boxes of sweets candies.After you will go to the handbags section and find the 2 handbags that she wants so much.

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But most of us dread the moment when the conversation lulls for the first time and your brain is racing to say something witty or funny. There's always something to comment on, declare or question. Nothing says 'I love you' like a playful round of Ugg-tect. And not everyone flourishes in those (loud, extroverted, alcohol-centric) environments.Board game events give singles a fun, down-to-earth, structured (and thus anxiety-reducing) alternative for meeting potential mates. Best of all, you can get a sense of your compatibility as teammates, crucial data for those looking for a long-term partner.Have fun, friends, and stay close, we have so many new surprises waiting for you!Girls are invited to go romantic dating with their boyfriends in sweet Valentine's Day. How to play: Click on "Start Game" button to play, make sure your browser allow popup.(Unless you get hooked and decide to buy game expansions.) This leaves more funds for wine, chocolate and that special surprise you planned after the game.

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