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For the same reasons above, don't put someone in the position of a rebound. Anything that you've had a negative reaction to needs to be considered.I’m regularly told by readers, that after being involved in various dubious relationships, they’re not sure what to expect from a new relationship. You also need to have faith in other people’s actions so that you don’t tar everyone with the same brush and go into relationships with a reasonable level of trust. As humans when we get into relationships, we place a high value on personal security.Would you be willing to relocate; change your job or change your routine?“He/She isn't my type.” Most of us have said it, but all of us have heard someone say it.If you're going to jump into a relationship without an established friendship, then you have to consider that it will take time for that relationship to build, and it may not happen all at once.

Even if you're not looking to getting into someone's pants, coming on too strong can make that illusion. You may be able to forgive an small error, but your friends will keep score. If you know they're just coming out of a relationship, maybe you should just be friends for a little while. Plus you want to make sure they will be totally invested in you.

In a relationship, physical attraction is important.

If they have an attribute that turns you off, then why even bother?

I refer to dating as in going out and having a good time, not dating as in moving in together and getting a dog.

One of the best things to do while you're young is date someone you swore you'd never date.

Some people start dating because of pressure from family or friends; because everyone else is hooking up or because they are looking for an escape from their current circumstances. It is a forum where people who are genuine in their desire for a fulfilling relationship come to meet.

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