Dating two girls in persona 4


Sometimes, when we are lying in bed — after the giggles subside and our hands finally give it a rest — my girlfriend likes to joke about how video games prepared me for a life where I "go out with all the cuties". I'm poly — short for "polyamorous", which basically means that my partners and I are consensually not exclusive (not to be confused with "polygamy", which centres around marriage).

Cuties, as in, cute people — gender doesn't matter to me. In other words: we can date or sleep with other people, provided we talk about it with each other first.

We're talking like, the kind of issues and scenarios I can't really turn to Cosmo about and get shitty advice for. Sure, I have plenty of friends who are also poly — and are also willing to offer me a lot of advice — but navigating polyamory can still feel like a minefield, even for people with experience (and even when the people involved are super loving and caring).

For example: Discussing this sort of stuff can be a bit of a headache — there's a lot of stigma about the sort of people who gravitate toward the lifestyle, even though love is not a finite resource.

From I gather you can only have one girl come over.

During Christmas, all of your girlfriends will call one by one and ask if you want to spend the day with them.

Just the game calling you an ass (fully voice acted don't you know) and kinda souring the endgame a little bit, since after Valentine's it skips straight to the day you [email protected] Chosen: Man I remember how Persona 3 had some crazy repercussions at certain points -- I never saw them coming!

I think there's one in particular with Yukari that definitely caught me by surprise (had nothing to do with cheating though)When that happened, I felt like a real piece of shit.

It seems odd that they wouldn't punish you somehow but I haven't seen how it would thus far.

You'll have more choices later in the game concerning them in certain situations, but you'll feel a little more dead inside.

SPOILERS IN MY POST I'm reading all these responses that there is very little to no consequence, but how is the Christmas event handled if you have more than one girlfriend?

However, funny events can occur with 2 different girls at once if you are out with one who you're in an intimate relationship with while also with another, though it only happens during side SL events with that person.(like agreeing to go out with someone when they call you I'm guessing.) There are a couple instances where you can lose a level. It seems odd that they wouldn't punish you somehow but I haven't seen how it would thus far.

I've just finished maxing our the priestess and sun social links and was wondering if anything happens besides the screen that tells you you're already in a relationship."No huge repercussions pertaining to your social links, go ahead and have as many girlfriends as you want.

This way, we can all negotiate what we're comfortable with as well as talk about any insecurities and jealousy.

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