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Chelsea Handler blames the Kardashians for Trump's presidency "The Trump Single is just a fun-loving person.It's not anybody that's different from anybody else.Since its launch, the site has seen ebbs and flows in its success, but Goss says the run-up to the inauguration has brought more people to the site than they've ever had.According to Goss, the site has just over 24,000 users, with a gender ratio of 44 percent female and 56 percent male. "When you start ridiculing and looking down on people for their views then you undermine the democracy of free thought," he says.First, the party breakdown: 40% of singles surveyed identified as Democrat, 19% as Republican, and 15% as Independent, while 24% claimed no affiliation.

Political apathy, on the other hand, was considered a deal-breaker for a significant number of singles, with 25% of those surveyed saying they wouldn't date someone who isn't registered to vote, and 35% saying they wouldn't date someone who "does not have an opinion on key political issues."Match also uncovered fascinating differences between singles based on their picks for president.On February 1st, 2017, we polled 1,320 Coffee Meets Bagel members across the United States and asked: Are politics affecting your dating life? A whopping 70% of singles who identified themselves as Democrats said politics are impacting their dating lives “slightly” to “profoundly,” alongside 55% of Independent singles, and 43% of Republican singles.Among those who said their dating lives are impacted, 82% of Democrats, 66% of Independents, and 66% of Republicans said, “It’s more important that my matches’ political views are similar to mine.” 40% of Democrats, 34% of Independents, and 22% of Republicans said, “It’s more important for me to talk about politics early on in the date.” Some singles explained why sharing similar political views has become more important.You might have some online-dating deal breakers, like swiping left on anyone who mentions Nickelback or has a shirtless bathroom selfie as a profile photo.But you might want to look closer at potential dates' profiles the next time you log on, because a new study shows that simple stuff like TV preferences can speak volumes about a person's values.We just have our views and when we stick to them and we're proud of them and we're not willing to give up on them just to date somebody," he continued.

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