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A large number of Hollywood films then fashioned their sets using these timeless, minimalist styles, spreading global inspiration.Mid-Century design represented an optimistic vision of emerging modern life.

The trademark four-point curved stretcher base and beautifully sculptured door pulls are both favourite G PLAN motifs.Many of the lesser known patterns have been given names by FOB members or the Bulletin editor of the time.Numbers in bold refer to the Bulletin number and then the relevant page number.R & B Germany R Briggs&Co R H Plant R Hall & Co (See Ralph Hall) R Hall & Sons (See Ralph Hall) R Hall (See Ralph Hall) R K Austria (See R Kampf) R P Co (See Regal Pottery ) R P Japan R S Rosler R Squared (R2) (See Zrike) R St K (See Riessner, Stellmacher&Kessel) R Thomas & Sons Co (See Thomas China Co (USA)) R&M Co (Czech) R. Restoration Hardware Retroneu Retsch & Co Returns-China Reutter Porzellan Revol Rewcrest Rex (Bavaria) (See Moschendorf) Rex (USA) (See Crown Potteries) Reynolds RFH - Richter, Fenkl & Hahn RGK (See Loucky) RH&S (See Ralph Hamersley) RH&SL (See Tuscan) Rheinkrone Rheinpfaltz (See Muhlback) Rheinpfalz (See Muhlback) Rhenania RHM (Japan) Rhubarb Rhythm (See Intl Silver) Ribes (Limoges) Rice Islands Richard Kampf Richard Brendon Richard Briggs Richard E Bishop, Ltd Richard Ginori Richard Klemm Richard Masterson Richard Wehsner Richard Wolfram Porcelain Richardsons (C) Ltd Richelieu Richmond (England) Richmond China (USA) Richmond Y& C Rideau Ridgewood Ridgway & Morley Ridgway (Ridgways) Rieber Riessner, Stellmacher&Kessel Riley (See John & Richard Riley) Riley's (See John & Richard Riley) Ringtons Limited Risto Craft (Japan) Rita Monti Ritz China Ritzenhoff Ritzenhoff & Breker Ritzenhoff & Breker (See R & B Germany) Riva Designs Rivanel France Riverdale Rivers Edge Products Riviera (Japan) Rivir Studios RK (See Richard Klemm) RKG (Czech, Austria) RL Jingdezhen RLM Home RM Co (See Rowland & Marsellus) RM Czechoslovakia RO Gregg Rob Turner Robert Carvalli Robert Gordon Robert Hanke Robert Haviland Robert Lee Morris (See RLM Home) Robert Wilhite (See LS Coll) Roberta Baldini Roberts Robina Robinson & Son Robinson (See Pfaltzgraff) Robinson - Ransbottom Robinson Design Robinson Design Robinson Wood & Brownf Robinson's Robinwood Boston Rochard Rochelle Fine China (See Fondeville (NY)) Rockingham Rogers, Wm A Rok Stone Rokko (Japan) Rolex Fine China Roma (New York) Roma (Portugal) Romancing Provence Romanco Ware Romania Romanov Romero Britto Romertopf Romulus Craft Ron Gordon Designs Ronald Van Ruykevelt Rondeleux Fils Aine Rookwood Room Essentials Roost China Rorstrand Rosanna Roscher & Co Roscho Roschutz (See Ungerschilde(Roschutz)) Rose (Japan) Rose Crown China Co Rose of England Roseberry Studio Rosedale Roselane Roselle (Japan) Roselli Design Roselyn Rosenberg China Rosendahl Rosendahl, J. Beginning with those originating in the late 19th Century, the Toby and Character Jugs in the American Toby Jug Museum are arranged in collections by makers.

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