Dating polytone amps


I've owned a Polytone or two Taurus, Mini Brute, Mega Brute, Mini Brain and cabinet yada, yada yada.A friend of mine was playing a modern day Roland Cube 40 or 60 and it sounded pretty good but honestly it was a little sterile. In walks a vintage Roland Cube 60 Keyboard amp, I never really thought about using it for guitar, I mean, keyboard is in the name of the amp, right.GO Mikes Music 1970 Fender Precision Bass in SUNBURST FINISH - All Original - with original Fender hardshell case, serial number 285485 F stamp neck plate.THIS is a WONDERFUL AND VERY LIGHTWEIGHT OLD P-BASS - a g... GO Fretted Americana A Fine 1956 Blond Hofner Club 50 1956 Hofner Model 127 semi-acoustic (Club 50) This super rare and very early 'Natural' Model 127 (Club 50) weighs just 4.20 lbs and has a 13 inch wide, 2 inch thic...Their top of the line, and first rosewood guitar made by Gibson after WW2! It shows lots of play wear but it plays fine and sounds good. GO Nationwide Guitars A Rare Factory Mahogany Body Telecaster Thinline.Pearloid Pickgaurd, Two Wide Range Pickups, One Piece Maple Neck with Large rounded neck profile, Single String Tree, and 1972 dated pots. GO Gary's Classic Guitars 1963 Gibson SG Les Paul Junior, Cherry red, Double cutaway SG style body, full feeling neck!

But I wasn't sold just yet, so I had a friend bring his Roland Cube 40 or 60 over and we had several Polytone amps lying around so we had a little shootout.

Distinctive Guitar Really cool custom paint edition, 1 of 1 Zvex Fuzz Factory.

This pedal has it all and Distinctive Guitar has one of the largest selections of Zvex Custom 1 off Pedals. GO Distinctive Guitar Bogner has been known for years as the king of high-gain amplification. GO AJ's Music & Vintage Guitars 1957, 6L6 Super in excellent condition.

The Ecstasy 101B head, however, is the end-all be-all merger of power - roaring distortion, and full, glassy cleans that rival ... GO Southside Guitars This Fender Stratocaster was made in the USA in 1977. It weighs in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces, making it one of the lightest 70's strats out there. - The sound is super clean and super rich, full of super tone.

GO Best Guitars Very rare, rosewood Epiphone acoustic. GO Southside Guitars This Teisco was made in Japan in the mid 1960's. - I have personally had more than twenty of these amps and this particular one is the very best...

Something small, lightweight and dependable that could fill a room.

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