Dating people who look the same


That’s why the beautiful people in all inter-date and marry.That’s also why rich people tend to marry other rich people (sorry to dash your hopes there! Naturally, since our society places a great deal on a certain idea of physical attractiveness, such people are also more popular dates.Do less attractive people think the people they date (who also tend to be less attractive) delude themselves into thinking their dates are more physically attractive?According to new research, the answer is “no.”You remember that website that used to be popular, HOTor, which allows visitors to rate the attractiveness of random, anonymous photographs, right?” Boyfriend Twin’s ever-growing scroll of photos seems to have charmed and terrified its devoted audience in equal measure, scratching at unconscious fears about how we choose our mates.

instead of two people with certifiably different genetics who chose to date each other. Here are some of the most annoying parts of looking just a little too much like your absolutely-not-related-to-you partner: 1.

Well, researchers are using the site to conduct research into people’s attractiveness and perceptions of attractiveness, because now it includes a dating component too.

A team led by Leonard Lee (2008) from Columbia University recently looked into the question of whether our own attractiveness biases affect our perceptions of those we date using the site.

Bloom says people with similar faces will be attracted to each other.

It's totally uncomfortable to think about, but Perrett argues that it makes psychological sense.

“I believe similar facial features attract us to each other,” says Christina Bloom, founder and CEO of

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