Dating nanotechnology

During the live broadcast, Kerensa talked about her Alzheimer research, the Fulbright grant she received and the opportunity to research with Nobel price winner Randy Schekman (University of California, Berkeley).

The University of Twente and the German research centre Jülich are collaborating on developing membranes for an efficient separation of gasses, to use for the production of oxygen or hydrogen, for example.

To honor the visionary Feynman, Otte and his team coded a section of Feynman's lecture on an area 100 nanometers wide.

Sliding puzzle The team used a scanning tunneling microscope (STM), which uses a sharp needle to probe the atoms of a surface one by one.

Once the strands were sufficiently darkened the team examined them under a special electron microscope capable of imaging thin sections from a relatively thick sample.

Equipment within Nano Lab NLYou can find all of our equipment in our database (on the left).

In this database you can search by location, process and sub-process.

They saw that the strands were shot through with lead-sulfide crystals averaging 4.8 nanometers in size--about the same as the so-called quantum dots studied by researchers today.

The crystals formed strings down the length of the hair fiber.

MESA is one of the world’s leading nanotechnology research institutes.

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