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But what came out of my oven about an hour later reminded me exactly of the ubiquitous tagines served in Morocco that I’d had. But I’m all grown up now and these days, in Paris, behind the gare du Nord, there are a bunch of Indian restaurants and markets that I’ve started to explore.After all, a tagine is basically just a simple braise; it’s the handful of fragrant spices that give it the flavor of the Kasbah. And for those who want to be absolutely authentic, next time you’re going to make a pie, begin by harvesting and grinding the wheat yourself. (A favorite is the enormous VT Cash & Carry, 11-15 rue de Cail.) And I’ve been sampling some of the various Indian and Sri Lankan places scattered about, too.The smaller location does not have the storage area to continue to buy or sell instruments.We are also no longer going to be able to do restoration or repair work at this time.How lucky are we, to have two directors working on Henry's projects that take the time to share moments like these with his fans.

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Here’s how you can help: First: You can use Pay Pal (non-tax deductible) by going to the page on my old blog here. Contributions can be either one-time only, monthly, or annual. O Box 4142 Valley Village, CA 91617-0142 Third: You can make a tax deductible contribution via VDARE by clicking here. Just tell Chase Quick Pay to send the money to my ancient AOL email address (steveslr — replace the AT with the usual @).I have paid for the webhosting for 2 years and there is currently about 1.25 years left.After that time the website will have to survive on donations and PDF manual sales. From it: “You will need to have (or sign up for) Google Wallet to send or receive money.Due to a cancer diagnoses I am having to make the website design a secondary concern.I thought for my first Indian cooking venture at home, I’d tackle Tandoori Chicken.

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