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While we sit around and wait, we may as well meddle into her dating history.

And on Monday, she stepped out wearing the exact same Gucci skirt and blouse that Queen Bey wore for her "Formation" video. In fact, many sources think all of the guessing has become quite ridiculous.

Ora previously wore the lemon bra before Beyonce's album drop.

People told him that they have heard some argument that had something to do with Jay wanting to go to a Rihanna's party.

it was a whispered married couple's argument that would've gone by completely unnoticed had not Solange overheard it," he said.

Days later though, Beyoncé begins her 'Formation World Tour' and dedicates the final song, 'Halo', to her "beautiful husband" Jay Z. July 2016: Jay Z and Beyoncé are still very much together as they watch Serena Williams at Wimbledon in London.

At a Met Gala after-party, multiple celebs including Rita Ora are spotted wearing "Not Becky" pins. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.

"From the moment she arrived, Beyonce started downing cocktails - it was clear something was bothering her," a source close to Beyonce told In touch. "She took off her wedding ring, held it in the air and told everyone that this would be one of the last times they would see it because she was ending her marriage," claimed the source. ''Beyoncé and Jay-Z are mum, but their paperwork is doing the talking for them: The couple filed their signed wedding license Friday in Scarsdale, N. 2015, it was rumored that Jay Z started a relationship with ''Anti'' famed singer which made Beyonce furious.But both women denied this week that they are "Becky with the good hair" mentioned in 'Lemonade.' Did Jay Z cheat on Beyoncé with Rihanna, Rita Ora, Mya, Rachel Roy or none of the above?The Beyhive is still trying to figure out the identity of the mistress that Bey named in her new song "Sorry." But both Roy and Ora deny that they are "Becky with the good hair." And some industry insiders claim "Becky" may not be referring to one person at all.Beyonce and Jay Z's relationship has not been going very smooth lately.Recently the media and social media was full of stories of the couple planning to file for divorce.There's no confirmed date for their first encounter, but in a 2007 interview Jay said he met Queen Bey "10 years ago" placing it in '97, while the popstar said she met him when she was 18 years old, putting it in 1999.

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