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Yamhill County and the surrounding area is home to several active and abandoned railroads, but what makes the railroads here so significant is that they are some of the oldest railroads in the state. Dozens of historic wooden trestles make this one of the most interesting lines in Oregon.Many of the wood and log trestles date to the 1800s and very early 1900s and amazingly are still actively in service.The Oregon Coalition staff makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information listed here is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.However, we do not directly oversee or manage the organizations listed here.Our customers value our friendly service, local people, and goods that last longer than big box store brands.

When we work with clients, one of the first things we work to create is a sound parenting plan.

For parents who have an active relationship, our first concern is preserving continuity of contact.

It is important for parents to have regular, predictable time with their children, and we help parents create routines with their children.

In addition to the community-based nonprofit advocacy programs and shelters listed above, most prosecutors offices, some police/sheriff departments, and a few parole/probation offices operate victim assistance programs (VAPs).

Victim assistance programs offer: VAPs generally provide services to victims of crime in relation to criminal cases that are being prosecuted by the state.

Many more explorations are to come including some potentially very interesting abandoned sections west of Willamina.

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