Dating in the dark restaurant london Sex chat no premium

If meeting your date at the pub feels dull and predictable, why not surround yourselves with jugglers and contortionists or eat dinner in complete darkness?

Sometimes you need to let your spontaneous side take over and plan a date with a difference.

The idea behind this is that you’ll re-evaluate how you taste, smell and experience food.

You might enjoy the meal – but just be careful that it’s your date, not the waiter that you’re playing footsie with under the table!

The ideal venue tells your new playmate: ‘I’m a cool, balanced, interesting individual and none of my pals can understand why I am still single.’ The fate of your love life and future happiness hangs in the balance.

But help is at hand in the form of our essential guide to London date spots.

We’ve stuck to bars (who wants to worry about spinach in their teeth?

The evening is designed to make up for the lack of sight by bombarding the other senses.

The beauty of this experience is the element of surprise – no, not the identity of your date, but what’s actually on the plate in front of you.

The menu items are grouped into categories rather than dishes, such as “meat,” “fish,” “vegetarian” or “chef’s surprise,” so you’ll never be sure of exactly what you’re eating.

That gave Spielmann the idea to open a dark restaurant, which he did in 1999.

Today you can stumble into dozens restaurants around the world where that question made famous in an American commercial in the 80s — Where’s the beef? Most dark restaurants employ blind waiters, offer a single set menu, and ban anything that could give off light (like cigarettes, cell phones and cameras) from the dinning area.

This isn’t the only place in London that encourages eating without seeing.

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