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Brauerei Göller also boasts a strong commitment to the environment, working with, among other things, solar panels for much of its electricity and solar thermal energy.

This is a genuine craft brewery in the most important sense of the word: 100% independent and family owned, sourcing only the best LOCAL ingredients for their brews, and an insistence on producing beers that excel in quality and flavor among their peers.

The billions of records they provide have advanced genealogy online beyond imagination just a decade ago.

The following is but a small sample of what they provide for Kansas genealogy at Ancestry.

Ancestry is the largest provider of genealogy data online.

A local veterinarian splinted the leg and advised them to take Eleana to the K-State Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital immediately. Not only was the knee crushed, the mare was under extreme stress and close to foaling.

At K-State, the x-rays showed what was called "catastrophic damage." Essentially, the knee was crushed, and Eleana was very heavy with foal. One alternative, of course, was to destroy the horse. Fortunately, the three-hour surgery was successful. The next question was, would the mare be able to have her baby – and would it survive? On May 3, Eleana gave birth to a healthy female foal.

The Museum, depicts President Eisenhower's life and career from his early childhood through his two terms in office as Chief Executive. The mansion contains the original furniture and Edison light fixtures.

Five major galleries include exhibits ranging from presidential gifts from the world's heads of state to highlights of Mamie Eisenhower as First Lady to the simple artifacts of everyday life. You will tour 25 rooms, including eleven bedrooms, ballroom, bowling alley, and kitchen areas.

With's geo-location browsing find other like-minded locals.

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