Dating in diffrent cultures


There’s been many arguments that have happened because of the language barrier. While I’m not very religious and neither is he, it is something that I have to tip-toe around.Many of his beliefs and views stem from his religious upbringing.

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If their child’s significant other doesn’t meet with the parents’ approval, continuing the relationship will be very difficult.Once we started dating, though, things changed fast. First off, while his English is quite good (his first language is Arabic), I’m an English Major- so some of the words we said to each other were taken with a different meaning, leading to some major communication issues.If I said we “do nothing at home”, he was offended, thinking that I meant we don’t do fun things, when all I meant was the expression of simply just hanging out at home.While the man may be a bit docile and accommodating to the woman while dating, the woman slips into a traditional subservient role once the deal is closed.Dating Difference: China is a country of extremes, with modern cities surrounded by the old, rural ways of life.Notice how much personal space Australians need compared to the Japanese, who are more accustomed to crowding.

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