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Horny was created because we were looking for sex dates on the Internet, and a lot of people were looking for the same thing - so we decided to create this site.

It had a lot more success than we anticipated and it grew really quickly to millions of members.

I usually sit in the back corner so that I am not bothered.

We do not process any of them and they will be lost!

All your correspondence should go to [email protected]

Here's how to open your relationship up to endless possibilities without breaking each other's trust and hurting your primary relationship.

When I went away to college and told people I was from Bennington, Vermont, almost everyone made the comment “oh, so you were from the town with the playboy rated #1 girls’ school for fun.” Here I grew up in a town and never knew that the college had that reputation for years, even though it was co-ed when I was in high school.

"My advice is this: wait as long as you can," Allen says.

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