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This involves overcoming the natural denial response that happens when a loved one is physically dead.

And his public, palpable grief may be why some people have reacted with surprise – and even criticism – when news broke of Patton’s recent engagement last week.Last year around this time, I introduced you to Michael, a Catholic Match widower, and I am so appreciative of his willingness to share his thoughts on rebuilding one’s life after losing a spouse to death.Now, I’d like to introduce you to another Catholic Match member who is also a widower and not only share his story with you, but point out some notable differences and similarities between the experiences of death and divorce.She took treatments for 2 years, but we knew there was little hope. My oldest son stayed with me for a while and that helped.We even tried MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I tried to believe she would go into remission, but I guess God had other ideas. We did everything together, both socially and decision wise. Part of the challenge was learning to do things I never did before. Fortunately my oldest son cooked so I went to his house for dinner. I am so grateful that Walter and Michael were willing to share their experiences with us and it clarified some of the similarities and differences between losing a spouse to death and losing one in divorce. Walter’s words: In a divorce it usually means that two people can’t get along and they decide to split up.The greatest challenge was just going on with life. Learning how to open a cereal box for breakfast was easy. It is not a dating group, but there are people who met in the group and are married or dating. In death, you can never be friends with your lost spouse. After many years of being a couple, now you are alone.

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