Dating death row

The Commission tested DNA evidence from the crime scene, which implicated a man who was convicted of a similar crime.Robeson County Judge Douglas Sasser vacated the men's convictions and said the evidence indicated their innocence.The forensic scientist who believed the DNA was the lynchpin in Reed's conviction has since reversed his opinion, documents seen by Al Jazeera show; he now believes, based on his own review with more up-to-date technology, that DNA found on the victim was from a consensual encounter well before her death.

State records show the cell phones and chargers were found in a fake shampoo bottle, a false wall behind a shower, inside a multi-outlet surge protector and in a hidden area above a cell window."That just shows you the level of ingenuity people have in smuggling contraband into the prisons. Neysa Taylor, spokeswoman for the department of correction, said in a statement:"The introduction of cell phones into secure facilities is an ongoing problem that every corrections agency is aware of and diligently working against.Texas's judicial authorities had long ignored calls to review what Reed's lawyers and forensic experts believe is overwhelming evidence that his conviction was wrongful."Basically everything that is wrong with the American capital punishment system happened in Mr Reed's case," Bryce Benjet, Reed's lawyer, told Al Jazeera for this article.Wilkerson had recently moved to another locality, but he and Stacey remained in contact.Stacey was a member of her high school’s Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps and planned to attend a military ball with Wilkerson.Both men have intellectual disabilities and were interrogated under duress until they confessed to the crime.

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