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There are many facets that require research beyond these questions, because the relationship between colour and shape is a puzzle with many solutions.

There’s no truth, it's subjective, but I try to understand the matter. Colour touches on so many different aspects of design: words, shapes, materials, physics, space, light.

Yantra, the most effective remedy, is used when the process of remedy has to be followed for a longer period and when it is not possible to practice other remedies.

Yantra is the visible means to gain power, wealth and nullify the malefic effects of planets.

Atul Dighe: Do People Dying During Pitr Paksh are freed from the cycle of Birth and Death and attain Moksh?Deepika: I would like to know what "Rudra Abhishek Pooja" is all about? Swami Ramswarup: In Vedas Rudra word is used for God, soul and air as also mentioned in Rig-Veda mantra 1/ 43/1.As regards Rudra Abhishek Pooja it is not mentioned in Vedas please.Sacred Sites International advocates the protection of natural and built sacred sites and their associated cultures.Sacred sites are places set aside from the prosaic world for spiritual beliefs and practices.It is advised to wear gemstones to strengthen the weak auspicious planetary positions and the already strong planets.

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