Dating customs in cyprus


North Cyprus Capital: Nicosia (Lefkoşa in Turkish) North Cyprus Population: 286,257 (August 2013) Government: Republic Language: Turkish; English is also widely spoken The Turkish Cypriot Culture is a rich and varied one with strong influences from Turkey and the surrounding Mediterranean countries.Amongst the many delights of North Cyprus are the cultural differences.Cyprus is an informal place and people are pretty laid back when it comes to social conventions and etiquette.However, it is customary to shake hands when greeting somebody or saying 'goodbye'.

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Elders are respected and children expect to take care of their parents and grandparents as they become older.

For security reasons, photography is forbidden near military installations, particularly along the border of the Turkish-controlled zone.

Service charges are included in most hotel, restaurant and taverna bills.

Take a small gift of cakes or sweets and, if flowers, don’t take funeral lilies.

On a brief visit you may be offered tea or coffee and offered ‘macun’, preserved fruit.

Once upon a time arranged coupling (broxenia) was the norm, where is it now?

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