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The Aquarian is not one to wade in the muck of gossipy nonsense or help with issues that have no practical resolution available.

Aquarians work much better big scale, like charity events or ending gender oppression compared to one-on-one situations with friends, family or lovers.

At the bottom of this page, you’ll find links to articles with detailed personality profiles for every day that falls under the Aquarius sign.

Both the Taurus and Aquarius are strong individuals with rather fervent ideas of what they want in a partnership, and those ideas clash in many ways!

Taurus is somewhat more traditional in views of relationship while Aquarius takes a lighter and friendlier way for being in an association.

Moon Aquarius people are in essence, eccentric loners, but this might not be obvious until you know them better.

Having the soul (Moon) of Aquarius means being receptive to fast, "out there" frequencies.

An Aquarius woman is a realistic person who believes in her own dreams and believes in her own path.

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